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BioWave 21 in Box

The BioWave 21 LCD Wave Generator is multi-functional. It covers the frequency ranges defined by Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Royal Rife and Dr. Robert Beck, and can be individual programmed from chip-cards!

What makes this Bio Wave 21 LCD Generator so special?

This is an all-in-one Rife machine. It contains the main Rife frequencies used for most purposes.

The Rife, Clark and Beck frequencies can be selected by simply pressing the up/down buttons on the unit allowing for it to be used for both frequency therapy and blood electrification. Additionally, the unit can be extended by inserting pre-programmed chip-cards available for a range of indications or by using master chip-cards that can be individually programmed on the BioWave 77.

Dr. Hulda Clark

Zapping can be performed, in accordance with Hulda Clark's frequency of 33.3 kHz, either continuously or in the well known 7-20-7-20-7 minute cycle. The unit automatically shuts down once the treatment is complete. This allows the unit to be used at bedtime while falling asleep. 

Furthermore, this unit is also equipped with the Zappicator mode which employs the 1kHz frequency, positive voltage only, to treat food or everyday items of living.

Dr. Robert Beck

With a simple press of a button, the unit switches to the blood electrification mode as described by Dr. Robert Beck. The rectangular voltage is kept exactly at 3.92 Hz, the so-called half Schumann frequency. The voltage intensity can be adjusted in 0.2 volt increments to suit your personal needs.

Dr. Royal Rife

Four major programs can be directly selected for treating the common cold, flu, and pain as well as a universal program with the 12 most important Rife frequencies. Just select the respective program and let the BioWave do its job.

Individual frequencies and Chip-Cards

The BioWave 21 has a broad frequency spectrum ranging from 1Hz up to 1MHz with a resolution on .001 Hz.

Using a built-in card reader, you can insert preprogrammed cards which can store a number of individual frequencies. For example, your health practitioner can preprogram a chip-card (using the BioWave 77) for your specific condition. You can then simply insert the card and run it as prescribed at home.

We also offer a range of preprogrammed chip cards for different conditions. See the order page for details.

Additional Features:

Battery Monitor: The BioWave features a built-in battery monitor so that you can determine if there is enough power to run the program. If not, simply replace the 9V block battery which is available everywhere.

Contact Test: Prior to the start of the treatment, the device measures the conductivity of the electrodes to ensure there is sufficient contact with the patient. An alarm sounds if the contact is insufficient (electrode is not attached properly).

Positive Offset: Another important feature is the positive offset of 0.25 volts which Dr. Hulda Clark found to be the most important factor of a working therapy. This feature  is not available in other similar devices.

Belt Clip: The built in belt clip allows the BioWave to be carried as easily as your cell phone. Just wrap the sponge straps around your arms and clip the unit to your belt for a hands-free treatment.

Continuous Development

We are constantly developing the software in our units. Updates are possible via chip-cards allowing for firmware upgrades, adding new features as they have been developed. This ensures your unit can always be up to date!

The new BioWave21 LCD:

  • 2-row display
  • Easy to handle
  • Basic functions:
  • Bio-frequencies can be run from chip-cards
Clark 3x7 min. with 20 min. pause



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